Here is a glimpse of my September, one of the busiest months of the year. It was a battle with traffic and microphone/cell phone failures (whenever I needed them the most!). Is there a solid scientific reason for why things always happen all at once?

Alright, enough whining.

I feel very blessed as this past month was filled with lots of love and joyful moments. I met many lovely people who showered me with support and encouragement.

Every once in a while, people would come up and ask me why I chose to be a wedding officiant. My answer is a simple one: it makes me happy. I love weddings as they are always full of joy, excitement and positive vibes. Every wedding is a wonderful occasion, regardless of the format or setting. It is a celebration for one of life’s greatest moments and for two souls who love. It is a privilege for me to be able to participate in such important life events of my couples.

We live in a world of conflicts; it is difficult to stay positive among so much negativity. It is heartbreaking to see words like "violence" and "hatred" all over the news. On a more personal level, we come across people of extreme self-centeredness in everyday life. People who have no courtesy to others and walk through the world believing they are entitled to things more than others.

However, instead of focusing on the bad, I try to seek the good in life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think about the people who have shown love and kindness. The words of encouragement and appreciation my couples wrote me after weddings. The little boy outside DQ who helped me load boxes in my car the other day. The random kids I bumped into in the elevator, who greeted and gave me a big smile even though I was a total stranger. (There is a day care in my office building so my everyday life involves battling with kids in the elevator.) And let's not forget the heroes who helped and saved others in the shadow of catastrophe, the one that happened just couple days ago in Vegas. Our environment might be swirling in negativity but we don’t have to drown in it. There are good people and things in life that make this world a better place.

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